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Silver Plum Eye Makeup Tutorial By makeupandbeauty

Hi ,
Am back with another easy and wearable look, great for every occasion. So, without talking much lets get started.
1. As always begin with primed lids, i used oriflame absolute concealer for eyes in pink
prime eyelids
2. Apply a silvery grey eye shadow on your lids leaving the outer corner.
3. Next I used a pinkish plum eyeshadow at the outer corner to soft defined lids.
blue purple eyeshadow all over the lid
4. Apply a coppery eye shadow at your outer crease, it will define crease and will help blend plumish pink beautifully with your highlight colour.
Copper eyeshadow
5. Apply the same coppery eyeshadow on you lower lashline
Copper eyeshadow on lower lash line
6. I highlighted with a soft peachy eyeshadow.
soft brown browbone
7. Apply liner and mascara.
final plum eye makeup
You are Done !!
Hope you all like it, please leave a comment if you have any queries.
Note: People with darker skin tone can use darker coppery eyeshadow for better result ! :)

Thank you, makeupandbeauty
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