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Sister of the Moon By fenuabeaute

Clearly inspired by song title of the grandiose goddess of rock 'n' roll Stevie Nicks, I did a crescent moon-inspired look in combination with the GEO SF67 Luna lenses that were kindly sponsored by Angelic Rain. All of the listed cosplay lenses cost about 23$ (one pair = two lenses), which is so cheap that I gonna grab some more of these awesome designs. I remember buying my first cosplay lenses, which happened to be white cat eyes I wore for Halloween, one lens cost 40$ and I obviously needed two of them, thus I took care of them till the very end and just recently threw them in the trash. Working with cosplay lenses is even more exciting than with standard circle lenses, in terms of design and effects.

I look extremely pale in the pictures, since I used some extra light bulbs to create a... well, moony effect.

Cosplay lenses, however, should only be worn by people who are experienced lens users, they're not designed for first-time users, as they're way thicker and easily slip off one's finger and may disappear in the dust of your bathroom floor forever (believe me, that recently happened to me). Due to the thickness, they shouldn't be worn any minute longer than two hours, one will probably take them out after only 10 minutes because they either deeply hurt or cloud your sight that much that you can't even recognize the lens case, which happened to me when I first wore cat eyes. I'm used to it and can handle the 'pain', wearing cosplay lenses ain't fun, I tell you.

The design is grandiloquently stunning, actually it doesn't differ that much from usual black, teary circle lenses. As mentioned I directly took them out after having taken the last picture, as my eyes are currently very sensitive in terms of lenses or any other items that disturb one's sight. Angelic Rain only sells GEO's most famous designs so far, but you should definitely take a look and check them out. The web site is easy to navigate and the shop owner is a darling to talk to ♥

List of products:
· Holika Holika Bulgarian Rose day cream
· Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream
· Majolica Majorca All Night compact powder
· Sleek blush in Rose Gold
· Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
· Kryolan eyeshadow in black
· Lime Crime Pompadour
· Lime Crime Treasure Chest
· Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense in Airy Jade
· Anna Sui Dolly Girl #001 mascara
· KKCenterHK Jealousness lashes
· Etude House Red Cherry lip tint
· NYX Cosmetics Megashine in Dolly Pink

Thank you, fenuabeaute
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