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Sleek Curacao Multicolour Sunset/Bird of Paradise Eye Look

The more I play around with my awesome new Sleek Curacao Palette, the more I think its bright shades are starting to grow on me. Although I didn't think I would reach for this palette, I'm starting to really love the wide variety of looks and effects its rainbow of brights can produce. Just look at today's eye look! Is that hot or what? I've actually done a previous sunset inspired eye look, but I think this look just blows it out of the water!

Sleek Curacao Sunset Green Multicolour

Jamilla Camel actually commented that this look reminded her of the Bird of Paradise plant, and you know what - I think she's right! So here's a photo of the Bird of Paradise plant, just so you know what I mean. Don't you think it sort of looks like the plant, with the same mix of colours? I've even gone back to change the blog post title, just because I love the comparison so much!

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Surprisingly, I didn't actually have to use 99 shades to get such a vibrant effect, which is really impressive. I did use four colours from the Sleek Makeup Curacao Palette, though. The colour names used are Tequila Sunset, the shimmery rust orange, Martini, the pale light beige, Green Martini, the deep shimmery olive geen, and Singapore Sling, the bright hot pink!

sleek curacao palette sunset green eye look

I know the colours don't look all that blended in the phoot, but I promise they look better in real life! Singapore Sling was used on the inner corner of my eyelid, while Tequila Sunset was used on the lid (mostly in the middle). Green Martini was used in the contour area, and Martini was used as a highlight. The shot below shows my closed eye, so that you can get a better sense of colour placement.

sleek curacao multicolour sunset eye look 1

For this look, I actually didn't have much problem blending the eyeshadows. I was actually a little surprised by how blendable they were. I was half-expecting to end up with all these big blocks of colour on my eyes given that I was cramming so many colours onto my puny little eye space, but the end result turned out better than I expected!

sleek curacao multicolour sunset eye look 2

Don't you love how vibrant the colours look? This is definitely one of my favourite looks using the Curacao Palette, and perhaps the look that demonstrates just how awesome the palette is. I am totally thrilled with this look, and I don't think I can say much more about it - it's just so absolutely, steaming, flaming hot! With all the connotations of sunset and greenery (hey, there is some olive green in the eye look after all), I feel that this eye look really brings out that feeling of a summer sizzle!

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