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Swatch: Dior Lipstick in Fuchsia Star ✰

Hello everyone!
 Hope everyone is well!! Thank you all for your lovely comments, it was nice to know I'm not the only one who has had some mishaps with false lashes and the same situations has happened to some girlies too! 
Here's a swatch of one of the lipsticks from Diors Rouge collection:
Fuchsia star 766.
Have you noticed that red/bright lipsticks tend to make your teeth look whiter? Or is it just me...
I love their packaging, so sleek and chic! Also, it's not unnecessarily big :)

My thoughts: 
- It's definitely a lovely shade, the quality like all Dior lipsticks is great, my lips never feel dry and it's quite shiny on its own.
-  It's such a bright colour, I don't think I would wear it often but i would recommend this to girls who love to embrace bright colours!

Does this ring look familiar to you?
Yes, i'm secretly married to Prince William.. Lol!
This is such a cool dupe of Kate Middletons ring! I wear this as a statement ring.

In my last post, Blair had asked me to show a close up of my necklace. Here it is Blair :)
This was a birthday gift from my mum, my first impressions of it wasn't great. I remembered asking her "why did you get me a caveman necklace... it looks so weird". However, I've come to appreciate how unique this piece is and I think it's really pretty :) 

Thank you for reading! Lots of love xX <3