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Thick False Lashes By melludee

I hope everyone is doing well ! Anyway, not too long ago, I received a wonderful package from Maggie from KkCenterHK
This time around, I really wanted some thick, thick lashes just for a really dramatic effect and well, it’s always fun to play around with thick lashes - yes? Especially when you’re out on a photoshoot or something random like that hehe.
Anyway, here’s the chosen box of lashes.

ES 10 Pair Short Black Luxuriant False Lashes [ES A88]
You can buy them [here] | Price: $5.68USD
So hmm, what did I think about them?
Well, I can definitely say they give a full, dramatic look as soon as you put them on.  And are definitely very noticeable even from a distance! So I would definitely recommend these lashes to anyone who are after something that make their eyes really pop ! However, on the down side, I didn’t like these lashes that much in comparison to the previous ES Lashes that I’ve tried which can be seen [here] and [here]. These were much more stiffer and harder in comparison ? They felt very plastic~y and their bands weren’t as easy to bend in to shape.

(I was wearing my wig for a reason you will find out soon/tomorrow!)
All in all, I didn’t really like them.
They weren’t my favourite ES lashes as they were quite hard and plastic~y. I would definitely go for another pair of ES lashes instead of these ones. But, if you’re not too worried about how your fake lashes feel, go ahead and get these if you’re wanting some really dramatic ones! The price is alright and you get a box of 10 which lasts quite a long time as they’re all reusable.

♥ ♥ ♥
Do you wear Fake Eyelashes daily?

I don’t understand how you do! I know it’s silly but I still find them hard to put on ! lol
*Note* The Back to School Competition closes today ! If you want to submit any photos in, you better do it quickly before 11.59pm AEST (26th June) and the photos of all entrants will be up on my Facebook Page at approximately 1~2am AEST (27th June) ! So vote for your favourites *-* ! I’ll do a proper blog post about this tomorrow.
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Thank you, melludee
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