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Today's Look Featuring: KKCenterHK Lashes By kissanmakeup

Today I received my KKCenterHK Lashes.  Honestly, 10 pairs of lashes for $6.50 you cannot go wrong, but I was also skeptical about the quality for being so low in price. After trying them out for the day, I was so pleased with these lashes!

The ones I am wearing are the "A399 Natural Cross" lashes. They are super easy to put on, as they bend and sit where you place them. I hate stiff lashes, so I was pretty happy!

The A399 lashes give you that extra volume, but give you a very natural look. Even after I removed them, I noticed they would still be good for re-use (remove carefully) I love them! I will be buying them from KKCenterHK from now on! :)

KKCenterHK not only has a large supply of lashes, they also have: beauty tools, makeup, wigs, hair extensions and much more. Click here to go to their website.