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Twiggy eyes with my new lashes! By allthevanity

It's been a while since I've done anything creative on here, so when I was sent these lashes from kkcenterhk, I figured it was about time to do so. I mean, these particular styles gave me no other choice but to show them to you in a very...specific way.

Namely, the...Twiggy way!

Please excuse the poor attempt at this iconic look, I fear that my makeup skills have become a wee bit rusty lately and this kind of makeup should probably be left to the pixiwoo's of the world, but I couldn't resist giving it a go myself. Ok, I guess it's not so much Twiggy after all, more like a drunk Kubrickian extra, but what can you do! :)

But enough about me, let's talk lashes!
- The AK 612's come in a pack of 5 pairs and are in the "natural-looking" category. They add length and volume, without being over the top and I'm sure than noone would even guess that you're wearing falsies! They went on easily, although I did have to cut the clear band on both ends before application.

- The AK 681B's (or the Twiggy ones, as I'd like to call them) are bottom lashes and come in a pack of 5 as well. This time I did have to cut some lashes on one end in addition to the excess band, to fit my eyes properly. And even so, I must say I could feel the band pinching my skin on the inner corner, which makes me think that the band was too hard/not as elastic as it should be. But other than that, they're a good choice if you wish to create those signature 60's looks (or any doll-eyed looks for that matter)!

Overall impressions?

The AK 612's are totally my style and I would purchase them when I run out, since they do give a lovely effect. As for the AK 681B's, I'm not so sure about them, perhaps if I couldn't find anything to suit the look I'd be going for, then I would, but I'd try to look for alternatives first.

On a random note, the eyeshadow that I used was MAC Surf USA from the Surf, Baby collection, one collection that hadn't caught my attention at first - now I already own 2 items and contemplating a third (would anyone care for an uber late Surf Baby haul?)!

That's all for now!

Hope that your summer has started and that you're having a great time already (me...not so much, among finals, my broken laptop, and a health situation of a family member I cannot say that I have that high expectations for this summer...)!